Cancer cases increase 230% in 30 years….WHY?

Why are cancer rates increasing at an alarming rate?

As I advance in years, It struck me that an increasing number of friends and relatives were being lost to all forms of cancer. It is devastating to see the ravages of this disease on not only the health but dignity of loved ones.

At first I thought the high incidence rate of cancer was just attributable to my advancing age and that of my circle of friends and it was just my imagination that thought when I was younger the number of people with cancer was far less.

However after two friends lost a brave battle with cancer in short succession and no less than four other relatives were diagnosed with varying forms of cancer in the same year, I decided to research further, and the results were alarming.

Although I am based in Australia the results will be similar in most developed countries.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaking at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre in Sydney on August 29th  2102, stated that every single day, 300 Australians will be diagnosed with Cancer and another 120 will die.

Further research showed  that all degenerative diseases are on the rise, . The number of new cancer cases more than doubled between 1982 and 2007. In 1982, 47,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia compared with 108,368 cases in 2007

It appears that every individual in developed nations , now has in his or her tissues, 300-500 known toxins that were not in existence before 1940. Since those early years, the chemical revolution has continued, without considering the long-term affects the chemicals may have on ones quality of life or the environment.

Disease is regularly occurring at younger ages. Infants and children are contracting catastrophic illnesses at increasing rates. In the last 20 years, in spite of billions of dollars spent on research, cancer has moved from the number 8 killer in the developed world to the number 2 killer. In 1900, 5% of the westernised population died of heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Today, 95% of us will die from any combination of these causes. Without a doubt Toxins are slowly killing all of us, but there is a dearth of information on the significant growth in toxin exposure.

This Blog is dedicated to saving or prolonging lives by creating awareness of how we are exposed to Toxins and the remedies available to reduce that exposure.


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