Cancer cases increase 230% in 30 years….WHY?

About Toxins the Silent Killer

Worldwide spending on Cancer Research reached $19 billion dollars in  2009 and the medical cost of cancer increased $286 billion in lock-step with the chemical revolution and ever increasing exposure to toxins.

Despite these vast sums of money cancer rates continue to increase at an alarming rate
Cancer is among the most  severe of several non-communicable diseases affecting the developing world as people there live longer
and adopt Western diets and lifestyles.
Key facts and findings:

By 2020, we expect the number of new cancer cases worldwide to rise to 16.8m.
By 2030, the number of new cancer cases is expected to rise to 27m, with 17m cancer deaths. Based on a widely accepted set of estimates of global mortality from all causes, more people die every
year from cancer than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined (Mathers and Loncar. 2006). In the past 30 years, the global burden of cancer doubled, based on the incidence of new cancer cases
and deaths (Boyle and Levin [eds.] 2008).


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